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Then Again The Novel

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Two weeks ago, while trying to help clean up after a meeting, some eager beaver gathered up all the papers and leftover conference materials and carried them to the dumpster. Unfortunately, they included my calendar, appointment book and six-year planner. By the time I found out about it, it was too late. The dumpster had been emptied. My future was wiped out.

Phone calls to office supply stores only made matters worse, as company after company confirmed that even their warehouses were devoid of calendars. You simply cannot get professional planners at this time of year. For the next several months, I am reduced to a spiral notebook, scribbled with notations on everything I can recall from the missing planner.

If you have ever been in a similar predicament, then you know how this feels. One attorney told me that after he lost his appointment book, he could not regain his equilibrium for a month. That's how we describe it-we calendar-less folk-we say we feel, "off-balance." You think you're recovering and then you get word you missed something yesterday that you "remembered" was next week. It's grim, I tell you.

Still, I am determined to hold on to my positive outlook. I know there is life after calendar loss. In the meantime, if there is anything that I am supposed to do with you, be with you, or meet with you to discuss in the next six years or so, please call to reconfirm.

I appreciate it. And thank you for your support.

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